05 Aug


My jar of happiness is this pure Homemade liquid gold 😍😍😍 …When i make this the home is filled with a fantastic aroma …a bliss to smell this 😊

Ghee is a class of clarified butter and is commonly used in day to day cooking , a must in making indian sweets, also used in traditional medicine,some like to light diyas and also used in religious rituals… 

Here i am with its step wise recipe along with pic ,.. Enjoy making this pure ghee at home because i belive in Homemade is Happiness ❤❤❤

This is better then the store bought ones ,i bet nothing can beat the happiness when you learn or make Ghee at home….😃

I never bring ghee or butter from store I prepare this at home myself ..My mom used to make this when i was small so seeing her i too learnt making it… but i never liked the smell during my childhood days as i wasallergic to dairy products but as i grew i got to know the benfits and uses of it and moreover i don’t want to spend so much on the store bought ghee 😂…

I started making Ghee only after marriage,as i was not feeling good to throw the cream /malai of milk unused as everything is expensive these days 😓 …

Many of my family members /Friends even till date don’t  know the exact procedure of preparing ghee or butter at home so I thought to share this if so this helps them in their day to day life….I follow this from many years so i never fail in making this perfecyly.. 

     When you can prepare aromatic ghee easily at home with few easy steps then why to bring from stores,isn’t  friends?…. lets have a step wise look into the recipe..😊

A perfect Aromatic homemade ghee..

▪ Boiled milk with cream…collect this cream and store it in a airtight container and refrigrate it..


▪ this way all cream collected from a week kept in fridge..(when you open this box it smells but its ok no problem )


▪ cream/malai collected for a week or till enough milk cream/malai is collected add 2tblsp of curds on the day when you want to remove ghee or butter out of it, keep the container outside the fridge at room temperature for 6-8hrs ..


▪ Now put the collected cream in the blender with enough water…blend this on medium to high(you can use ice cubes if in hot region for quick buttering)…


▪Remove this gathered mass in a bowl….this is nothing but butter…this has to be washed 5-6times in clean water or wash till you get clear water as shown in below picture..if this is not done then your ghee won’t be fresh and gets bad smell soon..


▪After 5-6 wash you get a good quality butter, now melt this to get ghee or if you want butter itself then store this in a airtight container with water and refrigrate… (water is used so that butter remains fresh for long time, change this water once a week)


▪Now melt the collected butter on medium heat..Always use a big vessel and a spoon to melt butter..


▪After 5 minutes your butter is melted completely to this stage..


▪After 10 minutes you can see this


▪Now all the unwanted residue are collected to a white mass as seen here


▪Unwanted residue….this white colour residue should be changed to golden colour…


▪After approximately 20 minutes you can see this white colour residue changing its colour to golden brown….


▪At this stage add 3/4cardamom peel and apinch of rock salt(3/4 granules)..


▪Now switch off gas and cool this awhile…


▪Now stain this in a airtight container using a steel strainer….and preserve the (golen extract)ghee


▪After several hours your ghee looks like this just like store brought …fresh aromatic ghee…
▪Use this ghee either to light diya (gods lamp),sweets,medicines or for domestic use…

*Always boil milk on low flame so that a wel cream coating is formed

*after milk is cooled I refrigrate it and after its chilled I collect cream in an airtight container by doing this a large amount of cream gets collected..

*You can also use tulasi, betel leaf steam also instead of cardamom peel for a good aroma..



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