31 Jul

Chettinad is a place name in tamilnadu…
   Chettinad masala is a famous spicy hot masala powder used in many dishes such as mushrooms, potates, paneer or in non veg recipes…. you can make gravy out of it or can be used for preparing dry items..
   Here I have used this masala with mushroom which is a fantastic treat for mushroom lovers..
   This Chettinad masala is spicy and hot powder and mashroom is such a vegetable which is low in fat, rich in vitamin D…when  both are mixed in one dish its taste is just awesome….
so don’t miss to try this mouthwatering recipe…



•10 button mushrooms  (1 packet)
•1 big onion sliced
•1 big tomato
•1tsp gingergarlic paste
•1tsp tamrind juice
•2tblsp coriander leaves
•1 tblsp oil
•1/2tsp mustard
•5-6 curryleaves

Chettinad masala powder

•1/2cup grated coconut
•6-7 red chillies
•3 cloves
•1 piece cinnomon
•2 cardamom
•1 tsp poppy seeds
•1tsp pepper corns
•1/2tsp fennel seeds
•1tsp coriander seeds
•1/2tsp jeera
•1/2tsp turmeric powder
•1 spring curryleaves 


▪ wash mushrooms under running water and slice mushrooms
▪slice onions, chop tomatoes
Dry fry all ingredients mentioned for  making chettinad masala powder
▪Heat a pan add oil ,musturd seeds, let it splutter then add onions fry well add curryleaves, gingergarlic paste, fry well.
▪add masala powder saute well
▪Add tomatoes, add water 1/4glass close lid and cook till tomatoes are jucy..
▪At this stage add tamarind water…
▪add mushrooms mix well close lid and cook till mushrooms are cooked
Add salt and coriander leaves toss and serve..

*slice mushrooms as shown in picture 1
* you can add chilly powder if liked more spicy
*always use salt after mushrooms are cooked because if added  begore it makes mushrooms chewy..
* you can prepare this powder and store in a airtight container.
*this chettinad masala can be used for potatos, paneer..



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