28 Jul

Kesari Bhaat is a sweet savoury of southindia very easy to prepare….
This is well known sweet in every family I can say..
Recipe is do simple that anyone can prepare this delious sweet
This is nothing but rice cooked in kesar milk which makes the dish very rich..
when guests are around or during festivals first thing that strike to mind is this simple rice kesari bhaat…


•1cup basmati rice
•2cups hot water
•1cup milk
•3/4 cup sugar
•1tsp kesar/saffron (soaked in warm 2tblsp milk)
•Few nuts fried in ghee (raisins nd cashews)
•2tsp ghee(or more can be added)
•1tsp cardamom powder
•8-10badam (soaked in warm water, peeled)cut into juliennes…


▪wash basmati rice well in tap water ,soak this rice in drinking water for 15-20 min, after 15 min drain water and use, soaking makes rice long..
▪soak kesar in 2 tblsp warm milk
▪fry fry fruits of your choice in ghee till golden
▪ Heat kadai add ghee then add drained rice fry well till u get nice aroma
▪Add water and milk close lid and cook till rice is 90% cooked (keep an eye in between, so that it doesn’t burn if necessary add water/milk)
▪At this stage add sugar ,mix well till sugar dissolves(don’t mix too much otherwise rice be broke)
▪ switch off the flame
▪Add keasar milk, cardamom powder and fried nuts of your choice
▪Garnish with lots of badam juliennes (this gives extra crunchy taste)…

*can also be done with cooked rice ,no need of adding water/ milk when done with leftover cooked rice…
*can do with sona masoori rice also…but if done with basmati it will be richbut tastes same…

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