28 Jul

Its a popular dish among coastal Karnataka, mainly popular dish among konkanis they call it PATRODE
We get these leaves all through the year but during rainy season we can see this colocasia leaves growing abundantly everywhere (not in cities)…
Making colocasia leaves roll is a easy procedure and very tasty to eat (I love when its hot with coconut oil on top)….
Many types of ground masala are used for preparing this but here I am sharing southindian konkani style of preparing this.. Its very famous in every konkani’s house but nowadays its not much liked by the new generation …
One thing i must say where ever konkanis see these leaves they just grab it…
Sometimes the leaves are itchy for throat so we use tamarind alot while preparing this…this makes leaves non itchy..
Many dishes can be prepared from colocasia leaves rolls like it can be fried, usli can be made and even can be used in a gravy called ‘patrade gashi’ all tastes absolutely delicious….


•20-25 colocasia leaves(patra/patrade leaves)
•1cup dosa rice
•1/2cup moong/green gram
•1cup coconut grated
•25 roasted byadagi chillies
•A pinch hing
•2 marble size tamarind
•1/2 tsp jaggery (optional )


▪ Remove its steam and wash colocasia leaves then keep aside till all water is dried up
▪Soak moong and rice together for 1-2hours
▪Now grind coconut, red chillies, hing, salt, tamarind with little water to a paste
▪Now when the coconut paste is ready to this add rice and green gram with little water and ground to paste( let the rice be little coarse while grinding)
▪Remove this to a vessel don’t add water let it be thick paste so that it can easily spread on the leaves
▪Now place colocasia leaves facing fornt side down , and apply coconut masala on its backside
▪Apply masala lighting not thickly
▪Now place one more leaf above it as shown in picture and spread masala in the same way….do this using 5-6 leaves.
▪Now roll this tightly (as we roll the bed) place this roll in a vessel
▪Heat a steamer or cooker and place this inside and steam cook for 15-20 minutes or more
▪Cool and cut into slices and serve with coconut oil on top

*when u apply masala see that you keep big leaves first then medium ones later by this your roll will come perfectly…
*2tsp coriander seeds can be used while grinding for extra flavour…
* if the leaves are tender ones then tastes very very tasty..



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