28 Jul

Mixed Vegetable Sagu/korma/kurma, popular by different names….

This vegetable saagu /korma/kurma is a thick,aromatic, popular South Indian spiced curry or side dish ususlly clubbed with parotta, poori, chapathi ,rawa  idli, dosas, idiyapaam, appam, or even with gheerice….Its a versatile side dish…

Its a popular side dish in almost all resturants/hotels in Karnataka…

This is coconut based thick creamy gravy with mild blend of spices in it along with lots of vegetables in it….. 

I personally like this with pooris or parota a good combination I can say…

Here i have blanched vegetables in a container, you can even pressure cook this for 2 whistles to save time…
This mildly spiced aromatic gravy is a real treat and if you eat one time you will fall in love with this one….
I have found a perfect mixedHotel style Vegetable saagu recipe from my friend’s mom…’Rekha aunty’…thanks to her for this mouthwatering recipe….

  This recipe comes handy during get-togethers or parties 🙂 or on any occasions …. a delicious recipe will be prepared in minimum time..

•2cups mixed vegetables chopped into 1″cubes (carrot, beans, potato, cauliflower…or any vegetables on availability but these are the vegetables used commonly)
•Salt as per taste 

•1big piece cinnamon
•4 cardamom
•11/2tblsp roasted gram/putani
•1tblsp khus khus/poppy seeds
•3greenchilles (more or less can be added depending on spiciness in chilles)
•1small onion
•2tblsp coriandaer leaves
•1cup coconut graed
•1/4tsp turmeric powder


▪ grind the above ingredients mentioned under grinding with little water to a fine paste..
▪In a wide vessel add water boil it add vegetables and salt boil this till vegetables are cooked..(dont over cook)
▪water level must be just above the vegetables close lid and cook….
▪Note Vegetables get cooked fast as they are finely chopped
▪Now to this add above ground masala , water if necessary boil well . (Sagu is little thick in consistency)
▪check salt as we have already added to veggies add if necessary 
▪Now mixed veg sagu is ready to taste with pooris or anything of your choice..

* you can cook vegetables in cooker for two whistles…. don’t overcook vegetables become mushy  which is not desirable..
*can use roasted red chillies instead of greenchilles while grinding , this changes the colour of the dish to reddish.


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