27 Jul

khaman Dhokla a delicious traditional snack  of Gujrat….this is prepared in an instant….
      This is a steamed cake prepared using a batter of besan and curds…its very Soft and fluffy ….No fermentation no grinding… Peparation time is just 5min and vooking time is 15min wiyhin 20 min a perfect gujrathi snack is ready..


•1cup gramflour/chickpea flour
•1tsp semolina/rawa
•2 tblsp curds
•1tsp limejuice
•2tsp eno fruit salt
•2pinch sugar(optional )
•1/4tsp turmeric
•1tsp ginger greenchilly paste (optional )
•3/4cup water
•2tblsp oil

Sugar syrup

•1tblsp sugar
•4tblsp hot water


•1tblsp oil
•3/4 tsp mustard seeds
•1/2tsp jeera
•1 finely chopped greenchilles
•2pinch asafoetida/hing
•1/2tsp seasme seeds (optional)
•1spring curryleaves
•2tblsp chopped coriander leaves
•2tblsp grated coconut


▪ mix sugar with hot water till sugar dissolves keep aside ,let it cool..
▪ first mix all above items like beasan, sugar, eno ,salt, oil turmeric, semolina , ginger greenchilly paste then add, limejuice,  water and curds whisk well to a thick idli batter without any  lumps(if necessary add more water to form smooth batter)….
▪Grease a mould or a round plate and pour the batter and steam cook for 15 minutes….
▪Remove from steamer cool awhile spread sugar syrup
▪ Now prepare a seasoning from all above mentioned tempering items excluding chopped coriander leaves and coconut..
▪Spread this over Dhokla or the cake
▪Garnish with coriander leaves and grated coconut
▪Cut into square pieces and ▪serve with pudina chutney….

* here I have not used seasme seeds, its optional..
*its optional to use 1small piece ginger and 1greenchilly paste…
*pudina chutney recipe
1cup pudina,2tsp coriander leaves, 2 greenchilles, 1tsp groundnut, salt and 1/2tsp limejuice grind to fine paste..




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