27 Jul

A simple thick chicken curry using dry spice powders with little coconut….
   I have also used onion paste, tomato puree in this..which makes the curry rich and thick…
     A easy and quick recipe I can say…
  Serve this with rice, roti, bread,chapati,gheerice,paratha,dosas,idli or anything….


•1kg chicken
•2 onions
•1 tblsp gingergarlic paste
•1/2tsp turmeric powder
•1tsp chilly powder
•1tblsp dhania powder
•1 tsp jeera powder
•2tsp garammasala powder
•1-2 greenchilles (according to the need)
•2tblsp coriander leaves
•3 tblsp grated coconut
•1tsp pepper powder
•2 tblsp oil
•1spring curryleaves
•2tsp Coriander leaves chopped(used at the end)
•water as required


▪ Roughly chop onions and make paste out of it..
▪Heat a pan add oil add onion paste fry on medium flame for 5 minutes.
▪Add curryleaves fry well
▪Meanwhile in the same mixy jar add coconut, gingergarlic paste,  turmeric,chillypowder, dhania powder, garammasala,  jeera powder coriander leaves, make a paste neednot be very fine..
▪Add this to onion which is getting fried, mix once altogether and fry well.
▪Add chicken mix well
▪Add 1glass water (or more according to thickness of gravy) boil ,close lid and let the chicken get cooked…
▪By the time chicken is getting cooked add roughly chopped tomatoes to the same mixy jar and grind to paste…
▪Now add this to 3/4cooked chicken with salt and pepper powder…
▪Close lid and cook till oil starts separating..
▪Add coriander leaves mix and serve with anything that you like..




* you can use leftover chutney to this recipe along with other spices..
*if you fell it spicy can add limejuice…
*adjust chilly and pepper powder to your family taste.. because some like more spicy and some little spicy..

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Posted by on July 27, 2015 in CHICKEN, NON VEG CURRY


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