25 Jul

Are you bored of regular chutneys for dosas or idli then try this hotel style coriander leaves sagu, it so delicious and very easy to prepare….
   This once I had eaten in mysore in a famous hotel ‘Mylari’ which is in Nazarbad area of mysore… which is famous for its dosa.. (mylari dose with sagu and chutney).. I loved it so much that I wanted to prepare this at home and had no idea of preparing this but luckily I got this recipe from a cookery show ‘oggaranedabbi’…..
I often prepare this sagu for dosas or idli when I get lots of fresh coriander leaves….
    No use of vegetables in this sagu..only lots and lots of fresh coriander leaves are used….
  Do try this recipe and I am sure that you will love this recipe….
Goes well with any dosas or idlis….


▪1big bunch coriander leaves with steam
▪3-4 greenchilles
▪1 tblsp white til/seasme seeds
▪2tblsp roasted gram/ putani
▪1pinch turmeric powder
▪1/2cup coconut
▪1/2tsp garammasala powder
Grind this all to a semi coarse or fine paste….


▪1tblsp oil
▪1onion chopped
   Heat a pan add oil, add onions fry till pinkish then add above coriander paste with little water, check salt boil once and serve with dosas or idlis….


* The consistency of the sagu must be little thick like our normal sagu..
*you can spread inside dosa and enjoy..
* you can add boiled vegetables or eggs also…

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Posted by on July 25, 2015 in CHUTNEY/GOJJU, SIDE DISH


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