22 Jul

This is a semi dry gravy can say a thick curry/sabji without using coconut… This is one of my experiment I can say but belive me it tasted absolutely fantastic with my chapati….
Bhendi / okra / ladyfinger /bendekkai/vendekkai……all are same..
   This vegtable is not liked by many because of its stickyness..
    Actually this is a wonderful vegetable with which many items can be prepared such as pepper dry , masala, crispy Bhendis, pakodas, used in making  sambar……you can find some recipes  with bhendis in my blog…..
  I love bhendis so keep trying and experimenting with this beautiful vegetable…


•8 medium sized bhendis
•1medium onion sliced
•1 medium tomato sliced
•1/2tsp gingergarlic paste
•1/2tsp turmeric powder
•1 tblsp dhania powder
•1/2tsp garammasala powder
•Salt to taste
•1/2tsp cumin seeds
•1 tblsp oil

SABJI POWDER(mix all well)
1 tblsp gramflour
•1tsp riceflour
•A pinch hing / Asafoetida
•A pinch chilly powder
•A pinch amchur / dry mango powder
•A pinch jeera/cumin powder
•A pinch garammasala powder


▪ wash bhendis under running water and pat dry with kitchen napkin now cut its side and chop 1cm pieces in a slant way….or its your choice to cut it in any shape
▪heat kadai add oil add jeera let it sizzle then add onions fry awhile add tomatoes cook till jucy..
▪Add gingergarlic paste, fry this well..
▪Add turmeric, salt, chilly powder, garammasala powder, dhania powder mix well till it a mass..
▪Add bhendis cook this closed without water check in between and stir once and continue cooking till done(it may take 5min)..
▪Now add sabji powder mix well for couple of seconds add1/4-1/2 glass of water boil this well check salt
▪Garnish with coriander leaves
▪Serve with  hot chapatis…

* don’t overcook bhendis it will loose its crunchyness
* don’t add water while cooking bhendis this makes bhendis sticky..



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