21 Jul

This is authentic konkani recipe in which prawns is served in a very spicy hot masala….
Prawns also known as Jhinga in hindi, sungat in a fish which is easy to eat, very tasty…..but needs time to clean, there is a thread inside which should be removed they say it creates gastric…you can remove this with the help of fork…
    This curry is also known as sungata phanna upkari in konkani language means prawns in spicy curry….
  This can be prepared in two ways one is ground masala and other is using chilly powder….both recipes tastes fantastic….here I am doing with ground massla
  Usually this curry is served/ prepared with our dalitoy  and steamed rice or boiled rice….
  this can also be enjoyed with neer dosa/panpolo, rice semiya, chapati’s….
  Recipe is as follows


• 1kg prawns
•25-28 fried byadagi red chillies
•A small lemon size tamarind
•1big onion chopped
•2 tblsp coconut oil
•1/2tsp Turmeric
•1tsp coriander seeds


▪ devein prawns and wash well (always remove the thread present in prawns with the help of fork, its not good gor health)
▪Finely chop onions
▪Now grind a masala with red chillies ,turmeric, tamarind to a fine paste add coriander seeds again grind this
▪Heat kadai add oil, onions chopped (1tblsp of raw onion to be preserved for later use)fry this on medium flame till light golden in  colour
▪Now add ground masala with washed water of mixer jar mix and boil this well(don’t make watery let it be little thick)
▪Add preserved 1tblsp of onions
▪Boil till oil separates add prawns ,salt boil for 5 minutes
▪Check salt and check prawns  if not cooked cook for another 2  more minutes..



* Always any fish curry tastes awesome a day after…that doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good when prepared…both tastes  good..
* you can use refined oil also but fish and coconut oil tastes absolutely fantastic…
* don’t overcook prawns, prawns get cooked fast..

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