18 Jul

Biryani is prepared in many ways among them the popular one is dum biryani….
   Biryani can be prepared with fish, vegetables, chichen, mutton, egg….
  In my blog till now I have added some biryanis like prawns biryani, kabul channa biryani, a quick chicken biryani…..yet to add more biryani recipes as I am a biryani lover…
Among all biryani’s dum biryani is a tough job as it includes many procedures and time consuming……but final result is excellent, when you start preparing this recipe your house will be fully with fantastic aroma and when u start giving dum even your neighbours will come to know that biryani is getting done….. 🙂
A excellent resturent style recipe for preparing dum biryani is here……



▪1/2kg chicken
▪3big onions sliced
▪4greenchilles slit
▪3tsp oil
▪2tsp ghee
▪1tsp saffron
▪1piece cinnomon
▪3 cardamom
▪2tblsp pudina
▪2tblsp coriander leaves
▪2tblsp curds
▪1/2 limejuice
▪1/4cup warm milk

FOR MAKING A PASTE(fine paste)

▪ 1onion chopped
▪1/2cup coriander leaves
▪2 pieces cinnomon
▪4 cardamom
▪6 cloves
▪15 garlic flakes peeled
▪1″ ginger



▪2cups basmati
▪4cups water
▪1 piece cinnomon
▪4 cloves
▪4 cardamom
▪1/2 lime juice

▪1tsp Coriander leaves
▪1tsp Pudina
▪Cashews and raisins fried in ghee…

▪silverfoil or wheat flour dough


Wash basmathi rice and soak for 15-20 min.
▪Wash chicken with turmeric
▪Soak saffron in  1/4cup warm milk/water
▪Grind a fine paste with the ingredients mentioned for making paste
▪For making rice boil water add rice(drained),cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, salt , lime juice ciik till 3/4 rice is cooked….now drain this immediately and spread on a plate..
▪At the same time when rice is getting cooked in another burner keep a thick bottom vessel add oil and ghee,
▪once heated add onions fry them till brown ..this takes time (add a pinch of salt to quick browning of onions) ▪once browned remove half of the onions out of it and keep aside….
▪Now to the remaining onions add cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, greenchilles, fry well
▪add above mentioned paste fry well
▪ add tomatoes coriander leaves again fry this too
▪Add chicken ,pudina, limejuice ,salt cook well till chicken is 3/4 cooked
▪Add curds and 2tsp saffron milk mix well..
▪Check saltas we add to rice also be careful adding salt
▪Now spread the mixture evenly..
▪Now spread rice well so that it covers chicken mixture properly
▪Now garnish this with fried onions (which was kept aside), pudina, coriander leaves, remaining safforn milk and fried cashews and raisins….
▪lower the flame to sim option
▪Close with a silverfoil and keep a lid covered tightly ..
Or else close lid and use the wheat flour/maida dough to seal the vessel tightly cook for 5 mor minutes….
DUM BIRYANI is ready….serve with raita..




▪ use this type of vessel for dum biryani….the lid sits inside the vessel tightly…
▪Sorry forgot to mention onion when making paste I have updated it now


I have served dum biryani with cucumber and carrot raita…1chopped cucumber, 1/2carrot finely chopped, greenchilles chopped, coriander leaves chopped,salt and curds…

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