13 Jul

This is a thin dosa, this are perfect white dosas….very light and tasty to eat….
   In konkani we call neer dosa as panpolo….very famous in konkani community….
   No fermenting of the batter is required  only times takes for soaking……..Actually its a easy and tasty dosa..


•2cups dosa rice
•1/2cup coconut grated
•Salt according to taste


▪ wash dosa rice well in running water, soak dosa rice  for 2hrs in water
▪now grind this to fine batter adding little water and  coconut
▪No need to ferment the batter you can use it immediately.
▪Add salt ,water …mix well
Let the batter be watery…..
Now heat a nonstick tawa well, spread oil and pour a laddle full of batter, swrill clockwise so that the batter spreads evenly…
▪Close lid for a minute and cook
▪Now fold this and remove
▪This dosa is cooked one side…
▪Serve this dosa with coconut chutney, garlic chutney, sweet churn or any spicy curries..


* use a iron tawa as I am used to prepare neer dosas… iron tawa neer dosas tastes too good..
*When you use iron tawa you need to pour batter little by little so that u cover the gaps…
*Begineers can use a nonstick tawa for preparing neer dosa
*sweet churn recipe…..grated coconut, sugar /jaggery, cardamom a pinch mix and serve…


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