11 Jul

chettinad is a place inTamilnadu state in South India..
      Chettinad chicken masala is a cuisine of tamilnadu..This is a typical southindian type masala in this recipe we use lots of spices for making the spice powder which is  hot and spicy and very aromatic masala…
    Lots of preparations can be done using this masala powder like it can be used for mutton dry, chicken dry,various curries and even for vegetables like potatoes mushroom…..
   Recipe is as follows


•1kg chicken
•1large onion chopped
•2medium tomatoes chopped
•1spring curryleaves
•1tblsp gingergarlic paste
•1/2tsp chilly powder
•1/2tsp turmeric
•2tblsp limejuice
•Salt to taste
•3-4tblsp oil(or less)

For masala powder
•2tsp poppy seeds(kus kus)
•1tsp black pepper corns
•1tsp fennel seeds
•1tsp coriander seeds
•1/2tsp cumin seeds
•10-12 whole red chillies
•1 ” cinnamon
•2-3 cloves
•3-4 cardamom
•2 star anise
•1/2cup coconut grated


▪ heat a pan dry roast all the ingredients one by one mentioned under making for masala powder….dry roast coconut also till slitly brown…
▪Once cool add to mixy jar and make powder out of it..if little coarse its fine..
▪Heat a large vessel add oil when heated add onions fry till brown
▪Now add curryleaves gingergarlic paste fry for a second
▪Add tomatoes ,masala powder ,salt, turmeric, chilly powder fry well….till oil starts separating
▪At this stage add chicken fry well with masala close lid and cook for 5 min
▪Add a glass of water, salt close lid and cook till chicken is cooked
▪check salt
▪Atlast add limejuice and garnish with coriander leaves
▪Serve this hot spicy masala with steamed rice….


* this masala is little oily, if you want you can reduce the quantity of oil
*this masala can be used for mutton also…

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