07 Jul

Radish /mooli/mulangi….called in different names…this is a vegetable which is not liked by many people because of its pungent sharp smell….but this vege has many benefits….its rich in vitamin C..
  Radish is very low in calories,this vege was mainly originated in mainland china long years ago but this is grown worldwide..
  This is eaten raw in the way of salads or in main recipes…like mooli sambar, mooli curry, mooli palya/stir fry, paratha….here I have tawa fried this which tastes awesome and you can’t makeout that its radish, no smell nothing try this and enjoy…this is so easy recipe that you can prepare this in a jiff….so try this


•1-2 Radish
•1tspChilly powder(or less according to your taste)
•2 pinch Hing /Asafoetida powder
•1/2 chiroti rawa
•3tsp Oil  or accordingly for frying


▪first wash radish /mooli well under running water then peel its outer skin and cut into round slice (let the slice be little thick as shown in picture)
▪put the mooli slices in water and keep aside
▪ make a dry mixer of rawa, salt, hing and chilly powder…mix well
▪heat tawa add oil
▪now roll moolis in rawa mixture ..see that its covered properly
▪now put on hot tawa…now keep the flame on medium and fry for 2seconds and sprinkle little water on this and close lid for 1-2min cook both sides till done..
▪this will be crisp outside but soft inside..

* use everest tikkalal chilly powder
*when hot tastes yummy…


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Posted by on July 7, 2015 in SIDE DISH, VEG STARTERS


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