01 Jul

Aromatic delicious very spicy chicken curry using coriander leaves , coconut and less of garammasala…
Goes well with steamed rice, bread or what ever you wish to have with this…
  Super yummy tastes best
I usually have this for steaming hot rice….


•1/2 kg chicken
•1tsp oil
•2tdp ghee
•1medium onion chopped
•2 greenchilles slit
•2big tomatos chopped
•1/2tsp turmeric
•3tsp chilli powder
•10 Cashewnut(optional)
•10 Badam(optional )

•1 tsp oil
•1onion sliced
•1 piece cinnomon
•5 cloves (lavang)
•6 flakes garlic
•1/2cup coconut grated
•1 bunch coriandaer leaves including its steam


▪ For grinding -heat pan add oil, onions fry till light brown then add cloves, Cinnamon, fry add coconut fry for 1min and swithoff gas leave to cool then to this add ginger, garlic, coriander leaves….and grind all together to fine paste.
▪ Heat cooker add oil and ghee then onions , cashews ,badam fry till transperent then add greenchilles, tomatoes, fry well till tomatoes ae jucy then add turmeric, chilly powder , salt mix well add chicken 1/4 cup or less water mix and close lid and tske 2whistles….
▪now fry the ground masala in a kadai with little water (water used to clean the mixer jar)boil
▪Now add boiled chicken and cook well till a boil and your coriander chicken curry is done….
*soak badam in warm water for 15-30 min and peel its skin and use for good presentation, I forgot to do it but no variations in taste…
*I always use everest tikkalal chilly powder in my recipes its more spicy and have beautiful red colour…


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Posted by on July 1, 2015 in CHICKEN, NON VEG CURRY


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