26 Jun

Idli is a main breakfast recipe of southindia….
…Anywhere in India you get this to eat in breakfast ….These are just perfect for breakfast even for lunch boxes …not heavy non oily and healthy too..

Many prepare this easily at home…so I thought to share my recipe with others who want to know about how to make idlis soft and fluffy at home easily….

Here I am using urd dal batter and rice rawa, we can also use dosa/iddli rice ground to paste….propotion for that is 1glass urddal = 2 glass of iddli rice, first grind urddal and then to this add iddlirice and grind to rawa consistency rest all same….I do both ways….
But here i have used rice rawa to urd batter which I find easy….try thisout as below

   Recipe is as follows




•1 cup urd dal(split black dal)
•2 cup rice rawa (idli rawa)
•1 tsp fenugreek seeds (methi seeds)
•1 cup cooked rice (white rice)
• Salt to taste
• Oil for greasing moulds/cups

▪Soak urd dal and methi seeds for 3-4hrs
▪Wash rice rawa and keep aside…this should be done when u start grinding urd dal.
▪Grind soaked urd dal and methi along with cooked rice in wet grinder using little water at first
(*Grinding for idli batter is a tricky process, you must add water little by little at times when required,don’t use much water …i mean to say use how much water is required for making a smooth batter… grind atleast 20-30 min this makes idli soft and fluffy))
▪Now after 25- 30 min add washed rice rawa again grind for 5 more min..(or you can skip grinding and just mix if you want more rawa texture in idlis)
▪Now remove this to a big vessel and leave to ferment overnight(7-8 hours fermentation required)
▪Next morning add salt mix well
▪Heat the idli cooker /vessel with enough water
▪Grease idli moulds pour the batter and steam cook for 15-20 min or more if not done(I usually keep 10min on high then 5-8min on medium flame)..
▪When done remove the moulds  outside leave it for 5minutes to cool then demould this and serve with chutney or sambar anything you wish..even chicken curry tastes best..


*when using cooked rice grind batter very late because this makes batter ferment soon and if batter done early then idli dosen’t taste good….
*I usually soak dal in the afternoon and grind it in the evening around 8 and prepare idlis in the morning at 8….my idli will be perfect in taste and very soft and fluffy….
*to check whether idlis are done or not ,insert a toothpick and see if you get clear toothpick then you can switch off gas or else cook further for 5more min…




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