20 Jun

Lady finger or okra or bhendi or bendekai… a  wonderful vegetable with which many variety of dishes can be prepared….This vegetable is good for growing children…. This is good as a side dish with rice ,chappati dosas….


250 gms ladyfinger
1medium onion sliced lengthwise
1 tomato sliced lengthwise
2tsp chilly powder
1tsp gingergarlic paste
1/2tsp turmeric powder
1 tblsp coriander powder
1tsp M.D.H kitchen king masala(optional )
1/2tsp lime juice
2tblsp oil

▪ wash okra and rub in a clean kitchen towel to dry it then cut it 1/2″ slant pieces
▪ Heat a thick bottom kadai add oil when heated add onions fry till soft add gingergarlic paste saute well then add all spice powder tomatoes saute well till tomatoes are mushy then add okra/bhendi fry well without adding water saute well cover lid and cook till done but
keep checking often…switch off gas and add limejuice mix and serve..

▪If little roasted tastes yummy
▪adding  water makes okra sticky, if cooked in the oil it will be perfect…
▪here I have used kitchen king masala which is optional


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Posted by on June 20, 2015 in SIDE DISH


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