11 Jun

Biryani is a main coarse which is prepared using rice mixed with vatious spices, masalas… it can be prepared veg or nonveg …the main ingredient is rice with a combination of veg or nonveg ingredient  like chicken, vegetables, prawns, fish, mutton….
   Biryani is usually available in  every resturants, this is actually a easy dish which is liked by most of us….but  has lot of work involved in it ….usually its prepared by giving dum which is  perfect in taste….
This recipe is easy and quick and best for working persons who want to have chicken biryani but don’t find time and no need to wait for Sunday’s or holidays.
   Here I have changed the procedure but tasted as I usually do for preparing regular biryani…..
The recipe goes like this


1/2 kg chichen
2cups basmati rice
1big onion sliced
3 greenchilles slit
2tsp gingergarlic paste
1/2cup chopped coriander leaves
1/2cup chopped pudina
1 tomato chopped
1tsp chilly powder
2tsp dhania powder
1tsp garammasala powder
1tsp turmeric powder
1/2 limejuice
3cups water
1 ” cinnomon
3 Cardamom
1tej patta
1/2tsp sauf/aniseeds
1tsp ghee
2tsp oil

▪wash basmathi rice well then soak it for 15min.
▪First marinate chicken with onion, tomato, gingergarlic paste, greenchilles,turmeric, salt, chilly powder, garammasala powder, dhania powder, coriander leaves, and pudina for 15 min ..
▪heat cooker add oil and ghee then add whole spices like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, tejpatta, and aniseeds fry awhile add marinated chicken fry 5mins and then add rice (without water) fry awhile add water boil add salt and lime juice…and take 2whistles….serve with raitha and enjoy this..

* you can garnish with fried onions, cashews….
*here I have not used basmati rice but used regular sonamasoori with the same procedure…


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