09 Jun

Palak/Spinach is a green leafy vegetable which is  rich for its wholesome nutritional values , its rich in iron…so try to have this vegetable in your daily meal as much as possible….its good for growing children, so I try many variety of recipes  in this leafy vegetable so that my kids enjoy and get as much as benifit from it…
   Spinach should be washed well under running water and they should be rinsed in salt water for about 30 mins in order to remove its dirt, insecticides….
  Tender Spinach leaves can be eaten raw either in salads and burgers or as juice or we can have it cooked in many forms like palak paneer, palak puri/chapati, palak pakoda, palak burji,… on
    Today I am sharing my mother in laws palak chicken curry which is very delicious….



•1kg chicken(700-800 gms)

•1 medium onion chopped

•2 tblsp Oil

• 1/2 tsp garam masala  (opt)

•1 tsp Pepper Powder (opt)

•Salt as per taste

☆For grinding

•3 -4 greenchilles(spicy)

•6/8 garlic flakes

•1 “piece ginger

•1 piece cinnamon

•4 cloves

•1 star anise

•1 small piece mace

•6/8 seeds black pepper

•1 small onion chopped

•2 tomatoes chopped

•1/2 tsp cumin powder

•1 tblsp dhania powder

•1/4 tsp turmeric

•Few strings pudina

•Few strings coriander leaves

•2 large bunches of palak (washed and chopped ,can also add its tender stems)

▪ chop palak with steam if tender or else discard it but if using only leaves then it be a big bowl full..

▪Grind all the above ingredients that are mentioned for grinding to a fine paste using water.

▪ Now heat a kadai add oil then add onion fry well then add chicken cook on medium till chicken is 3/4th done

 ▪Add ground masala,  water according to thickness(dont add to much water) boil well add salt mix well, 

▪sprinkle garammasala powder, pepper powder boil once and serve …



▪here I have used 1/2 tsp garam masala powder and 11/2tsp of black pepper powder, both of this are optional,my family likes this little spicy…

▪Enjoy this with any verity of flavored rice, any veritiesof indian flat bread (rotis), bread, bun, any verity of dosas, idli, puris,Baturs,Ragi balls anything that you wish..
•use chillies according to family taste.

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