20 May

This is semi dry and less spicy curry based on onions and coconut…here I have used sambar onions, you can use normal onion also. The same masala can be used for preparing other vegetables like bread fruit, potato &onion, gerkins, cabbage and even fresh mushrooms(anabe/alambe) which we get here in rainy seasons..this goes well with rice…


•20 sambar onions sliced (or 2 medium sliced onions)

•1cup grated coconut
•5-6 fried byadagi red chillies
•Gooseberry seed size tamarind
•1tsp raw coriander seeds

SEASONING(optional )
•2tsp coconut oil
•1tsp mustard
•1spring curryleaves

1) grind all the ingredients mentioned for grinding to semi coarse paste ( not too fine & not to rough )
2) heat kadai add oil, mustard let musturd spultter add curryleaves and onion fry till pinkish so that it doesn’t loose its crunchyness then add little water, salt and give boil and add ground masala give good boil and serve this curry with rice..

*here I have used sambar onions you can use normal onions
*you can omit seasoning,most of this type curry doesn’t need seasoning…
*coconut oil can be replaced to refined oil.
*instead of sambar onions u csn use any vegetables like cabbage ,mushrooms, bread fruit, potato along with chopped onions..


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Posted by on May 20, 2015 in VEGETERIAN CURRIES


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