17 May

This is a Authentic konkani dish which is prepared using bread fruit and coconut…..this in konkani we call it jeevkadgi aale piyava ghashi means bread fruit in ginger onion curry..


This is the picture of bread fruit, this is also called as jigujje in kannada and jeevkadgi in konkani language.. when you buy this see that its impression are little big(how u see in the pic above), this means its good for cooking…


▪1 cup of bread fruit peeled lightly and cut into 1cm pieces roughly
▪1cup coconut grated
▪4/5 fried red chillies
▪A small piece of tamarind
▪1 small onion chopped
▪1piece ginger chopped
▪1greenchilly chopped
▪Salt according to taste


1) Grind coconut, red chillies and tamarind to smooth paste…
2) boil bread fruit pieces in sufficient water (this will cook fast)
3) while boiling bread fruit add chopped onions , ginger & greenchilles…
4)when done add ground masala ,salt boil and enjoy this authentic curry with rice…


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Posted by on May 17, 2015 in VEGETERIAN CURRIES


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