28 Apr

This powder is so easy and quick to prepare that you need not buy it from stores now onwards …..
Its just a perfect recipe given by a neighbour who is a bunt ,its so perfect that i have stopped buying Sukka powder from stores now….in this recipe ingredients are so simple and handy which are easily available inside our kitchen…
This powder is used for preparing chicken sukka, which is most famous dish of bunts in and around manglore or south kannera….
This can be preserved in airtight containers and can be used when needed…this powder can also be used for making vegetables like potatoes and beans, ivy gourd nd channa ,can also be used for fish like marvai,crab etc but use litter lesser quantity of powder..
With this recipe 1kg chicken sukka can be pepared…


•10/12 byadige red chillies
• 4 tsp coriander seeds
•2 tsp black pepper
•1/4 tsp methi
•1tsp jeera
•1small cinnamon(optional)
•2 cloves(optional)
•10 flakes garlic peeled
•a gooseberry sized tamrind


▪Dry fry all the above ingredients  then make powder out of it then add 10 flakes of garlic, tamrind a gooseberry size, and again make coarse powder as seen in picture….
▪Now your sukka powder is ready to use or store this in a airtight container and use this when required…


*store in a dry airtight container after cooled
*from above measurements you can prepare 1kg chicken sukka
*here I have not added cinnomon and cloves but if you need you can add,actual recipe doesn’t hold this..


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