09 Apr

A jatpat dessert for all of you…its so easy, quick, less ingredients, less time consuming dessert….so try this eggless caramel custard quick recipe


2Tblsp custurd powder
500 ml boiled milk
3tblsp Sugar (use according to your sweetness)
Cherries for decorating

For caramelizing

2tblsp sugar
1tsp water


Take 1/2cup milk mix custurd powder to a paste and keep adide…
Now add this to warm milk with sugar and switch on gas mix both well till sugar dissolves and see that milk becomes thick like a paste…
Now leave this to cool awhile.
For preparing caramel syrup.
    Take a saucepan heat it add sugar and water heat this on high flame till sugar dissolves and becomes golden in colour. Switch off the gas. Now spread caramel in a mould/vessel then pour the custurd and leave this to set in freezer for 20 min then remove and keep in fridge then demould and serve garnished with cherries..

*see that while preparing custurd there is no lumps in it
*while preparing caramel syrup dont make dark brown or black because this changes the taste to bitter..


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