01 Apr

Sometimes we forget to make idli or dosa batter and start thinking what to make for tomorrow’s breakfast … make delicious in an instant way and enjoy…

Most of us don’t love upma but follow below recipe ,you will start loving it…

This can be made for breakfast ,lunch or dinner…. To make it awesome serve it hot with sev or mixture and a cup of ginger tea.. :)☺


•1 cup semolina (fine rava)

•1 finely chopped onion

•1 finely chopped tomato

•1/2 tsp ginger garlic paste

•1/2 tsp turmeric

•1/2 tsp garammasala powder

•2 tsp groundnuts

•3 greenchilles slit

•1 spring curryleaves

•1/2 tsp mustard

•1/2 tsp jeera

•1 tblsp oil

•3 glass of water

•a few strings of chopped coriander leaves

2 tblsp grated coconut 


▪First keep 3 cups water for boiling,when boiled close lid and keep aside..

▪  Heat kadai add oil/ghee, mustard, when it start spluttering add jeera, greenchilles, curryleaves, groundnut, fry awhile..

▪add onions, gingergarlic paste,  turmeric fry till pinkish then add tomatoes fry till soft and mushy..

▪add rava, garammasala powder fry for 2-3mins 

 ▪add water mix well add salt mix add close lid for 2min then add coriander leaves ,coconut mix and serve…


▪ you can have this dry or semi dry with any mixture or sev…

▪can add lime juice at time of serving

▪I like to have this in semi dry when hot tastes yummy

▪you can even add finely chopped vegetables of your choice(like carrot ,fresh peas, beans)at thd time of frying onions so that it cooks well.


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