31 Mar

    This is a easy and quick breakfast recipe or this usli is prepared during festive time because in this there is no use of onion or garlic even rice or rice item is not used, its a satvik food, this can even taken on fasting days also.
It has great health benefits also, greengram helps in cooling our body so mainly this this type food or drink made out of this is taken during hot seasons . …


•1 cup green gram soaked for a day
•1/4 cup coconut
•3 greenchilles chopped
•1/2″ ginger chopped
•1 -2 tblsp sugar
•Salt little


▪Soak greengram for 4-5 hrs then remove its water and tie this gram in a muslin cloth overnight and leave.
▪next morning you can see sprouts out of this .
▪ put this in a vessel and boil till soft or pressure cook for two whistles.
▪When cooled remove water and use the boiled grams.
▪To this add grated coconut, greenchilles, ginger,salt, and sugar mix it and enjoy this simple usli..

*the water drained from boiled green gram can be used for making rasam out of it by giving a seasoning of garlic and red chillies boil well and enjoy with steamed rice..


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Posted by on March 31, 2015 in BREAKFAST RECIPES


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