31 Mar

Here I am using konkani’s traditional recipe for this recipe. Its a mild spicy curry. Konkani’s call this batani ambat…Do try this


•1 cup green peas fresh or frozen or even dried variety can be used but soak overnight and pressure cook till soft
•1medium sized potato or m’lore cucumber- 1/2 cut into cubes
•1medium onion chopped
•1/2 cup coconut grated
•5/6 fried red chillies
•Turmeric a pinch
•Tamarind a small piece
•Oil for seasoning
•1 small onion for seasoning
•2flakes garlic crushed(optional ) 

▪grind masala with coconut, redchillies, turmeric,salt and tamarind with water to smooth paste
▪If you are using dried variety of peas then u have to soak this overnight then pressure cook this with potato
▪If using fresh then add water to a vessel then add potato cubes or cucumber , boil awhile then add onion chopped cook for 5-8 min 

 ▪add green peas boil till green peas are cooked then add ground masala paste cook well and salt if necessary

▪ in a small pan prepare a seasoning of oil when heated add onions chopped, add crushed garlic and fry till golden in colour.

* i have used coconut oil for seasoning which gives a good aroma,refined oil also can be used
*garlic can be omitted original recipe doesn’t have garlic
*other vegetables like green piegon peas,riged gourd,palak,manglore spinach, can be used..

peas Curry

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