31 Mar

This is a simple ,yet delicious thick dal served with rice /buns/chapati /idlis……😊

In konkani language (coastal area)its called dalitoy. This is every konkanis favourite….During festivals or during konkani marriages or during any functions or temple feast this is a must in the menu without this the meal is incomplete for us 😍😍😍…

All can prepare this konkani dal but taste and texture always varry from eachone, even though same recipe is followed with exact measrements,they say na practice makes man perfect its like that in making this dalitoy πŸ˜€ ……but i can say no one can ever compete konkanis in making this dal like they make….

The Tadka in the dal of hing and coconut oil adds additional flavour and taste to this simple dal, it adds magic i can sayπŸ˜ƒ

I love dal even if it is served everyday ,its my soul food dal rice and pickle is heaven for me,i enjoy it completely…

Now lets see how to prepare this dal, its simple and tasty too…


β–ͺ 1cup pigeon pea/ toordal /arhar dal soaked for 1/2an hour
β–ͺ 2/3 springs curryleaves
β–ͺ 1 red dry chilly broken
β–ͺ 2 greenchilles slit
β–ͺ 1″ginger chopped or crushed
β–ͺ A pinch turmeric
β–ͺ Salt according to taste
β–ͺ 1 tsp cocont oil (or can use refined oil or ghee)
β–ͺ 1/4 tsp hing(everest hingraj)


β–ͺ In a cooker add dal enough water so that dal is immersed add turmeric, greenchilles, 1spring curryleaves and crushed ginger close lid and take 3/4 whistles so that dal is mashed well,

β–ͺ when cooled open lid and see whether dal is cooked properly or not otherwise  cook once again till mushy ,

β–ͺwhen cooled open lid and mash dal with a laddle or masher, add salt little water if it is too thick or as required ,boil well.

β–ͺ give seasoning of oil mustard , hing , curryleaves and red chillies… and your konkani way of dal is ready to be served…

* tastes best with steamed rice, idlis…

*it should be little thick not watery..then only tastes best

*this is not spicy dal but one can use chilles as per taste…

*serve dal and rice along with fryyums,papad or any vegetable stir fry/sukka ,pickles or one can enjoy with fish fries or chicken too

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