22 Mar

After eating watermelon I use the rind (white part )to make dosas , but now I found a new recipe with its peel too…. yes a delicious chutney can be prepared which is very healthy too…
This recipe is from one of the cookery show ‘Oggaranedabbi ‘ …. This has great benifits.
First I hesitateted to prepare then gave a try and believe me it had amazing taste. Just prepare it and serve with dosa chapati rice…..


• 1cup grated coconut
• 3/4 greenchilles
• 5 garlic flakes
• 1/2 onion sliced
• 3 tblsp of outer peel of watermelon
• A pinch jaggery
• Salt


▪wash and chop the peel of watermelon and keep aside.
▪Heat pan add 1tsp oil (original recipe says no oil ) fry onion till transperent add greenchilles, garlic, watermelon peel fry till watermelon peel is soft then switch off gas and cool then add this mixer along with coconut nd a pinch jaggery salt to taste grind to chutney consistency and serve…



watermelon peel chutney

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Posted by on March 22, 2015 in CHUTNEY/GOJJU


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