13 Mar

This dosa is so soft and spongy that you feel like having more and more. The advantage of this dosa is even if you make dosas and keep for long time it remains same. You wont belive me without using soda you can get such soft spongy white dosas just like cotton so i named it cotton dosa do try and taste this…
This is my signature recipe I can say, actually this dosa got existed when I wanted to make musti dosa(Konkani’s special dosa)which is made using rice and urddal , but when i found there was only 1/4 cup of dal and thought of getting latter from market and soaked rice and available dal but latter i forgot to bring dal…..
Then I ground the batter and thought of adding maida next morning, but gave a try with the available batter without adding anything but the result was this soft fluffy white dosa just like cotton, so I named it COTTON DOSA….
I don’t know whether this type of dosas are prepared from before or not but for me its new….
Enjoy this dosa with anything chutney, currys, sagu…goes well with chicken curries also…..
Now most of my fb friends and others have tried this and have enjoyed cotton dosa….so here is the recipe….


▪3 cups dosa rice(or soona masoori )
▪1/4 cup urd dal
▪1cup thick poha(thick variety of flattened rice flakes/Avalakki)
▪Salt to taste
▪oil to drizzle


▪Soak dosa rice and urd together for 3-4hrs ,
▪soak phova for 3-4hrs separately
▪now grind all together  to a fine paste don’t add too much water while grinding the batter must be thick like idli batter
▪ferment this batter for 8hrs ..
▪next day while making dosa add salt mix well…
▪heat dosa pan/tawa/griddle well pour a big laddle full of batter lightly spread(don’t spread thin let it be little thick like how we do for set dosa) apply oil to sides cook open for 2-3mins you can see the pores coming then cover and cook till done, cook only one side …..your dosas are ready serve with chutney or any curries..


*this dosa is cooked one side..
*to get best result fry dosas as said above…then only you get perfect dosas…
*Methi seeds can be used while soaking and then ground to batter..
*no use of soda

Cotton Dosa

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