09 Mar

This is sweet dish which is crispy prepared using all purpose flour and sugar powder , this is a deep fried sweet/ dessert….. 😊 If you taste this once you feel like having more and more 😀…..I bet you , you will fall in love with this awesome sweet..❤❤❤

There are 3 version of making this ,one is prepared as puris as mentioned below and served with cold or hot sweetened milk on top of it ,allow puris to soak fully in sweetened milk and become soft then have this , this we call chirotimilk or Chiroti doodh ….😍

And the other way puris dipped in sugar syrup(pakka) and removed and cooled and store this but this becomes soft with time (as dipped in sugar syrup)…..😊

And the 3rd version is using sugar powder on top of deep fried puris, this stays crispy and lastlong without any xhange in its crispiness, so I usually prefer the 3rd version to make chirotis as i love that crunch in each bite and less sweet….❤❤❤

Lets see how the recipe is….


• 2 cups maida

• Water ( as required to make a hard dough)

• 1 tblsp chiroti rawa

• Ghee as required

• Rice flour as required for spreading

• A pinch salt

• oil for deep frying

For the Sugar syrup(if any one likes)

• 2cups  Sugar

• 1 cup  Water

• 1 tsp Cardamom powder

▪Take sugar in a pan , add water to it and boil it to form a one string syrup, add cardamom powder cool to room tempreature and dip deep fried puris /chiroti immidetly  in this leave for few seconds and remove ,cool and store.

For sweetened milk

• 1/2 liter milk

• Sugar according to sweetness

• 1 tspCardamom powder powder

Boil milk and add sugar boil till sugar dissolves and add cardamom powder mix and keep ready serve puri topped with this sweet milk

OR if using sugar powder

• 1 cupSugar 

• 1 tsp Cardamom 

Mix both and make powder and spread on a wide plate
(I usually add sugar powder as it remains crisp for a long time..)


▪Knead 2 cups of maida, rawa and a pinch of salt with water to get a hard dough rest this for 5 minutes.

▪Roll this dough into thin sheets (As thin as possible) with the help of riceflour (for dusting).

▪Make 5-6 such sheets and keep ready
▪Now apply around 2tsp of ghee over each sheet  and sprinkle some rice flour over it and place the sheet one above the other.

▪Roll these sheets  from one end tightly to form a log.
▪Cut small pieces of this and press gently so that the layers are not harmed  , again roll them out to small puris with light pressure ,see that the layers are perfect…

▪Deep fry each of these puris till golden brown flipping each sides

▪ dip them in the syrup / or sprinkle powdered sugar when chirotis are warm or even you can store cooled puris and can be served with sweetened milk..

▪Allow them to cool completely before you store preserve in a airtight container…

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