07 Mar

Hello everyone heres my Saturday lunch with Ghee rice and Kundapur Chicken Masala….. 😋😋😋

Kundapur is place name near mangalore(Karnataka) and i am not aware why the chicken masala is named after that place 🤔… 

 A restro type thick chicken masala using coconut, this is perfect and lovely recipe which will be loved by everyone,do try making and eating with your loved ones ❤

Kundapur chicken masala is a versatile side dish which tastes perfectly delicious with neer dosa ,manglorian sannas(a type of spongy idlis) ,ghee rice, chapatis, idlis, dosas,parotas,appam or even with rice..

This recipe is similar to that of mangalorian chicken sukka but not exactly the same ,do try and know the difference.😊

Kundapur chichen is very popular dish here,you can come across this dish among resturants and Shetty ‘s(Bunt’s / tulu speaking people )weddings  or on other occasions 😍😍😍.. i just love it,one of my favourites ❤

Recipe is very simple,easy and delicious…


• 750 gm chicken

• 2 tblsp thick curds

• 1 tsp turmeric

• 1 tsp gingergarlic paste

• 8-12 dry red chillies (preferably byadige chillies)

• 1 tblsp coriander seeds

• 1 tsp cumin 

• 2 -1″ cinnamon

• 5 cloves

• 3 cardamom

• 2 medium onion sliced( 1 for grinding and 1 for tempering)

• 1″ ginger

• 6/7 flakes garlic(with peel)

• 2  tblsp coriander leaves + few strings for garnishing

• 1 cup grated coconut(use 1/2 cup for grinding)

• 2 tomatoes chopped

• 2 tblsp coconut oil (i mixed coconut +refined ,u can even use ghee)

• 2 spring curryleaves

• Salt according to the taste

▪Marinate chicken with gingergarlic paste, turmeric, salt, curds and refrigrate for 30 min 

▪Now in a kadai add little oil fry ing. one by one in low flame red chillies, coriander seeds, jeera, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and onion fry till onion is brown, switch of and immediately add ginger garlic and 1/2 cup coconut toss it awhile cool and grind this along with coriander leaves to a fine paste using water.

▪Now in the kadai add oil, onion chopped,curry leaves fry till traslucent add marinated chicken cook for 5 min, add salt ,remaining coconut, chopped tomatoes cook for 2 more min till evrything gets combined and chicken gets half cooked ,

▪Add ground masala mix well cook for 15 -20 min or till chicken is cooked .

▪serve garnished with coriander leaves.


▪Same recipe can be used with eggs

▪You can omit coconut oil and use ghee or refined oil

▪Using same recipe you can even make semi dry kundapur sukka all you need to do is omit grinding coconut with other ing. and use it at the end of the recipe and cook for 5 more min so that the sweet of coconut influence the masala..

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