07 Mar

  This is a sweet prepared using coconut gratings and cashews …
I usualy prepare this without casews but this time tried with cashewnut , the same recipe can be followed without casews both tastes delicious…
This can be stored for 2-3days in normal room temperature in a airtight container or if refrigrated can be stored for 10days


•1 cup coconut grated (kopra)
•1/4 cup cashewnut powder
•1cup sugar (or accordingly to sweetness)
•2 tblsp ghee
•1 tsp cardamom/elachi powder
•A pinch of saffron/ kesar
•Little milk for grinding coconut (opt )


▪First make powder of cashewnut and keep aside,
▪now grind grated coconut (kopra)coarsely using little milk.
▪Don’t add water(it spoils the barfi).
▪In a thick bottom pan add sugar, coarsely ground coconut,cashew powder and ghee all together heat this
▪Fry stirring this for 25 mins.
▪see that it doesn’t burn so keep on medium flame
▪stir this till it becomes thick and dry
▪Add cardamom powder and little kesar at the end when its ready, mix well
▪Grease the plate with ghee.
▪Add this mixture , spread equally then use a rolling pin on it to get even surface..
▪Cut it before it cools down.

* you can omit the cashew part to prepare coconut Burfi rest method remains same..
*here I have used dry coconut/kopra
*even fresh coconut or dessicated coconut can be used, you will get nice white coloured burfi



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