Gajar ka halwa

19 Feb

Carrot halwa/Carrot pudding….who don’t like this yummy dessert right…
This is loved almost by all of us,this is prepared during festivals, functionsor when guedts are around or when ever we wish to have this yummy sweet…
This is one of the easiest sweet which I leart first when I dtarted cooking..
This is also served with vanilla icecream….this combo tastes heavenly hmm cold icecream with hot gajar halwa…
Here carrot halwa made in a healty and tasty way….just try thisout..

INGREDIENTS (Serves 5-6)

▪1/2kg carrots grated
▪11/2cups milk
▪1/2-3/4 cup sugar powder
▪1/2cup khoya grated(100gms)
▪2-3 tblsp ghee
▪Some chopped almonds and raisins..


1) Mix grated carrots and milk in a big deep pan.
2) cook for 15 minutes
3) Add sugar and khoya. Mix well
4) Again keep stiring for 10 minutes till dry..
5) add ghee.Mix well. Again mix well for 5 minutes add chopped nuts and raisins. Enjoy this hot or cold or with
a scoop of vanilla icecream…


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Posted by on February 19, 2015 in DEESERTS OR SWEETS


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